We all want that unique look with our properties and our landscape or garden is no exception. When the time comes to make your garden stand out, there’s a number of things you can do to your garden to have just that. Especially if you’re thinking of the front yard. So in this article I’d like to take a few minutes to talk about what you can do to give your garden a little extra freshen up. Hopefully the ideas we discuss will help you out with your property looking the part.

When it comes to ideas as to what you might want. I’m sure you’ll have some sort of theme in mind. Whatever that is you can work off that, depending on what you after, you want to make sure it’s functional and practical. There’s a number of angles you can look at. Some i’ll cover here.

You might want somewhere to unwind, a water feature, maybe an entertainment area, just somewhere you can go to feel at easy and forget the troubles of the world.

Water Features.

Having some sort of water feature in your garden can make it feel like a totally different place to be. Depending on the water feature it can be relaxing, and a place to attract birds, giving you that real nature experience. Water features of course come in a number of styles and sizes to fit your look and budget. This could be anything from a small water feature from your local hardware shop right up to a free flowing waterfall, designed by a professional Adelaide landscaping team, or you could even create a mini stream going through your garden. It’s up to your imagination. You have a number of options that can give you the total feel of relaxation.

Themed Garden Styles.

This is a great way to give your property a unique look. When it comes to the style and theme your after, the only limitations you have is probably your budget.

Themes you might consider are.

  • A relaxes zen type garden
  • Asian style
  • Modern style. Of course this is open to what you want
  • A native style garden
  • An older English style
  • A European style garden. Spanish would be an idea of this.

This is where we would suggest speaking to an experienced Adelaide landscaper for ideas and costs, someone like us. It’s important you have the right conditions for the style of garden you want. Especially if water features, pond and even pools are something you want to add into the garden.

Zoning Garden Sections

This is a great way to enhance your garden. This way can give you other options to think about. If your budget is a factor, zoning section within your garden can be a great way to combat this issue. A zoned area might be. A kids play area, a patio area to entertain, a water feature with a hammock and some shrubs or established trees. Just things to think about.

Again this is something we do very well. Sometimes a property is just way too big to do the whole thing. We come in and get some ideas of the owner and create sections within the property. It can be a much better option for some. A large rural block would be a good candid for this. Most city blocks these days are getting smaller and smaller, so what might be a section for one might be a complete garden makeover for others.

Hopefully you have got some ideas from this article and you can go away and give it a crack yourself. Or if your looking to hire a landscaper to do the job please get in touch with us. We offer a free on-site consult to help you get the best possible results.